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Serving Women in Reentry

No single organization or project hold the keys to the list of services needed to address the need for services within our communities. But together, we can and will collectively support the rights of women impacted by incarceration and other socio-economic disparities.

Remy Ma

Hip Hop Artist and more an icon of the music industry Remy Ma knows first hand what it feels like to be behind concrete walls, chains and bars. From Bronx NY, Remy Ma is living her dream while aiming to give back to her community which includes the incarcerated women in the state of New York and those women transitioning back into the community after prison.

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My clothing line The Remy Ma Collection @VIMVixen! When I got out of prison I wanted to do something to support women just like me who have done their time, paid their debt to society and starting over. I quickly learned how much women are overlooked and forgotten when they are released from jail or prison. Services largely cater to men, while women come out and are left unsupported.  However, women are the foundation - they are birthing and growing the next generation regardless of their past. So this passion was the inspiration behind The Remy Ma Collection - we can help them - together! Every time you purchase pieces from The Remy Ma Collection @VIMVixen - the proceeds go directly to @TheRemyMaFoundation (follow us). I created this foundation to become a continuous resource in enhancing the lives of women who have experienced incarceration. To serve as a network to build them up with education, housing, counseling, legal services, job training & more. I’m so very proud of this moment - I dreamt about this for 7 summers, and 6 winters and it’s here! Female empowerment, music, fashion - definitely my passions; and now I get to put them altogether! Thank you to my entire team and @VIMVixen for seeing my vision and making it real. Thank you in advance to all my fans for supporting this line - please shop, get fly & sexy with the @RemyMaCollection; and we will  build women up together! So dope!  BTW… stay tuned fans you get a chance to win a whole shopping spree soon! Go to / @shopvimvixen and stop by any Vim Vixen store in the 5 boroughs and NJ and check out my new line!  #RMVV #RemyMaFoundation

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